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Challenge Accepted! Jr. High Grade 7 “Team Building Day”

Grade 7 had the opportunity to participate in the annual “Team Building Day” program on September 19. This long-standing tradition for the Junior High is a beloved and emotional event for all involved. Hosted by BOCES Brookville Environmental Center, this special day delivers a very unique and supportive learning environment. Students participated in ice-breaker games and were placed in carefully selected groups meant to take kids out of their comfort zones, breaking down cliques and barriers and creating new friendships. Students worked on team building and problem-solving skills. Challenges included activities such as Cooperative Games “icebreakers,” Initiatives “problem solving tasks,” and Low Ropes Course “physical challenge.” All groups were facilitated by BOCES trained teachers as well as co-supervised by a member of the CSH faculty. It truly is an amazing day, where students learn that team communication, not frustration, led to completing each task. Thank you to the staff at the Brookville BOCES Environmental Education Center, where patience and wisdom helped students navigate the rigor and perplexity of each challenge strengthening their bond with each other through team building and trust activities.