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"The New Walking Track" at West Side School

This fall both elementary schools in Cold Spring Harbor School District were thrilled at the completion of their new Walking Tracks. Students and staff are taking advantage of the 1/4-mile loop for exercise, fresh air and conversation surrounded by nature. Even community members are making use of the tracks after school. Both tracks will soon have educational station installments for curriculum-based learning opportunities and outdoor student activities. The Lloyd Harbor elementary school track was funded through a $100,000 Grant secured by Senator James Gaughran, and through district approved budget funding the West Side elementary school track marked the completion of both tracks prior to the start of the school year. Ribbon cutting ceremonies kicked off the official openings on October 25 and 28 with the principals, Superintendent and entire student body participating. Superintendent, Jill Gierasch, explained to the students “how” these tracks came to be, including planning, funding and design over the past year. Most importantly, "why" the idea of an outdoor space in nature proved to be so important to everyone's well-being during the pandemic. Now, Ms. Gierasch has challenged the student body to submit ideas for creative ways to enhance the tracks; students raised hands offering suggestions of painting positive messages onto the track or building stations for creative learning or scavenger hunt tasks. Stay tuned for the creative suggestions put to use to enhance these tracks for years to come. It’s been wonderful to see so many enjoying the outdoors and getting their steps in!
photo caption: West Side student council members help cut the ribbon with Superintendent, Jill M. Gierasch (center) and Principal Dr. John Barnes (far right).