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Think Like A Scientist - A Fair Test

We can do a “fair test!” Second graders at Lloyd Harbor School learned what it means to conduct a fair scientific experiment. Our young scientists first learned about “properties of matter.” They observed and interacted with various materials in order to describe their texture, size, hardness, color, weight, elasticity and translucency. Students then learned the importance of carrying out a fair test; an experiment in which only one variable is changed and all other conditions remain the same. After watching a short demonstration, our scientists were challenged with finding a “fair” way to test a variety of objects in order to investigate whether they have flexible or non-flexible characteristics. These students in Ms. Romanelli's class worked collaboratively in small groups as they tested plastic spoons, pipe cleaners, pencils and tongue depressors (to name a few). Groups enthusiastically shared their findings with one another and provided evidence for whether each object should be classified as flexible or non-flexible. Way to go scientists!