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DNA Restriction Enzyme Analysis Jr. High visits DNALC

Junior High science students from Mr. Garcia, Ms. Walcott and Ms. Villanti's classes were privileged to visit our neighbors at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center. DNALC educators in three separate classrooms set up students with the equipment necessary for an experiment using samples of DNA from bacteriophage Lambda. Students had to cut with two different restriction enzymes, EcoRI and HindIII. Each enzyme recognizes and cuts at a different DNA sequence. A third DNA sample is the undigested control, while a fourth sample is cut with an unknown enzyme. By comparing the band pattern from DNA cut with the unknown enzyme to patterns obtained with other samples, the identity of the unknown enzyme can be determined! Students worked in pairs or small groups and discussed the observations and results of their experiment. CSH School District is grateful to the DNALC for provided these educational opportunities for our students.