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AP Collegial Circles CSH hosts neighboring districts...

Recently, Cold Spring Harbor Central School District spearheaded and hosted unique collaborative learning experiences for AP teachers across 31 Long Island districts. These AP Collegial Circles united 101 teachers on our campus who engaged in productive workshops entailing open dialogue, problem-solving and networking, all with an eye on improving student learning and achievement. Participants, including veteran and new teachers, shared instructional techniques and best practices, engaged in profound discussions about assessments, and worked as a team to create shared resources. For example, some collegial circles mapped out upcoming units for the fall while others developed future assessment questions. One of the collegial circles even created their own Facebook group!
Each cross-district team was set up with a shared e-folder to contribute instructional resources on the spot and use as a means of staying connected. Although several getting-to-know-you activities occurred throughout the course of the workshop, including a highly competitive and rejuvenating series of rock-paper-scissors matches, the commodity of time with colleagues was most appreciated by participants. Some attendees reached out to share their thoughts on the experience:
• “I felt seen and heard by colleagues around the island who are juggling the same issues. Often, I have sought out opportunities to get this kind of rejuvenation of my craft, but this one came to me. I am very grateful.”
• “Even though our districts are unique and we all have challenges, it is so comforting knowing there are others who share that passion to overcome and provide exceptional educational opportunities for their students. Being with that group yesterday definitely gave me a shot of energy!”
• “I found more and more aspects of the day and conversations already influencing how I can adapt and change in the last weeks before the exams begin.”
CSHCSD was delighted to host many of our neighboring districts including Syosset, Jericho, Harborfields, Manhasset, Locust Valley, Half Hollow Hills, and many others. The knowledge shared and gained between colleagues was not only beneficial but extremely well received. Due to the overwhelming positive responses, future workshops will be held early next year. The nine AP courses chosen as the focus of these workshops over the course of four days included: Biology, Calculus, Economics, Environmental, Human Geography, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, U.S. History and Statistics. We are thankful to all of our participants who clearly ignited their passion and will continue to be an inspiration for excellence.