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MakerSpace Fair

West Side 5th graders were geared up to present their Maker Space projects! It is an opportunity to use their engineering design-process skills to repurpose something, solve a problem, learn a new skill or how something works, or turn something imagined into a finished product! The Ted Hilton Gymnasium was filled with the most amazing ideas…as students tinkered, created, experimented, and learned! Principal, Dr. Barnes, was so proud of his rock-star fifth graders and grateful to Library Media Specialist Erica Fraiberg and teacher Kerry Markin for a wonderful morning of innovative fun! Some examples included in the vast array of projects were: a replica of the James Webb Telescope, user operated claw machines and vending machines, stop motion animation, and using physics and simple machines to create a pop-a-shot game. The pride on the students faces was priceless!