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AATSP Poster Contest

AATSP Poster Contest
In celebration of World Language month, the fourth-grade FLES students created beautiful posters! Each year, the AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese) selects a theme which students show in their posters. This year's theme was “Nuevos Horizontes para la Comunicación y la Cultura” which means “New Horizons for Communication and Culture.” Congratulations to all on your beautiful work!
Regional Representative 1st place: Morgan Kashetta
2nd place: Millie Cynar
3rd place: Alexandra Bachman
3rd place: Madeleine Dircks (Tied)
Honorable Mention: Anthony Belcastro
Regional Representative 1st place: Brendan Florez
2nd place: Mila Silverman
3rd place: Piper Toye
Honorable Mention: John Cacchioli
Honorable Mention: Teddy Boskoff