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International Club Dinner Outing

At the October meeting for the International Club at the Jr./Sr. High School, students unanimously agreed that the first dinner out experience would be at Osaka Restaurant in Huntington Village, which serves typical Japanese cuisine and Sushi. This is a place that many of the students frequent and they wanted to introduce club advisor Merritt Monck-Rowley to "Yo Yo" who is the manager at Osaka with whom the students have befriended. Ms. Monck-Rowley shared, “I was so proud of our International Club members, they stepped out of the traditional settings in the town and made a true connection with an adult who speaks another language and has a background/culture unique to their own. It was so lovely to see them hug her hello and goodbye, just another example of how mature and adventurous our CSH students are and why they love this club.” The club has a membership of 70+ students in grades 7-12. It looked like a fabulous evening of culture and fun!