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Thanksgiving Food Donation Drives - CSH Unites

Throughout the district, the amazing generosity of our community continues to support those in need during the holiday season. Thank you to the tremendous efforts of the PTG’s, student council advisors and members, and various contingencies at the Jr,/Sr. High from community service coordinator, Karen Uhl-Smith and homeroom teachers who took the initiative to organize this drive. Kudos to the Spanish club who went above and beyond with the help of advisors Jennifer Coniglio and Maria Segura, who for the second year in a row did a Hispanic food drive for Spanish foods not typically donated – but so much in need. Students in Ms. Jordan’s class wrote out grocery lists in Spanish, shopped and then decorated their boxes in Spanish.
The amount of food collected at each school was truly incredible. Each classroom at Goosehill had boxloads outside each door, which were packed up and sorted by the GHPTG for distribution. Student council officers at Lloyd Harbor were so proud of their visits to each and every classroom to drum up support for Helping Hands, and the results were 25 boxes filled to the brim – their largest collection ever! Their advisors Dina Thomas and Kristin Sewel couldn’t have been prouder! At West Side Kids Care, students and advisors Diane Santoro and Maureen Ryan collected not only food donations, but monetary donations to purchase turkeys. Ms. Santoro has been an ambassador for Helping Hands for 25 years and she was overwhelmed with the generosity spread and money collected to help those in need. A huge thanks goes out to the Wright family who orchestrates all the pick-ups and deliveries in the district to The Helping Hands Mission in Huntington. Please consider continuing your support throughout the calendar year, it is always so gratefully appreciated!
CSH Community – you ROCK, thank you! The generosity of this community is truly unparalleled.