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Honoring Parent Leaders

Superintendent, Jill M. Gierasch, hosted the annual Parent Leader Breakfast “al fresco” style the morning of June 7. She articulated how important the parent community is to a school district, and that the degree of volunteerism is remarkable in this community and it does not go unnoticed. Not only do these parent groups support so many programs, but they seamlessly run themselves! Parent Leaders here are so dedicated, and the administration and staff at all building levels are so grateful for the extraordinary service and commitment not only to the students, but for the appreciation you share to staff members with endless breakfasts, luncheons, cookie bakes, and most importantly…your time. Parents had an opportunity to explore their artistic talents under the tutelage of art teachers Christine Oswald and Laura Cirino. Armed with paint brushes, water colors, colored pencils and beautiful shells and sea creatures – everyone embraced their creative energy and drew beautifully crafted note cards. What a wonderful way to end the school year by gathering with friends and leaders. Thank you again to all our parent leaders.