Newsletter(Class Update)

  • November 22, 2021

    I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Parent/Teacher conferences are now complete and again thanks to all for attending.  The continuation of a home/school connection is truly vital in assisting our children in attaining thier goals educationally as well as social/emotionally, 


    This week we will add 2 new letters to those we have already learned in phonics.  They are 'v' and 'w'.  To date we have now learned how to form and the sounds for 'l', 'h', 'k', 'p', 'j', 'e', 'r', 't', 'b', 'f', 'n', 'm', 'i', 'u', 'c', and 'o', 'a', 'g', 'd' and 's'.  


    This week look for the predictable pattern paper books that the children made revolving around the Thanksgiving holiday.  Again, when these books come home they can stay home for good and be the beginning of the 'I Can Read All By Myself' section of their bookshelf.  We have already pulled 3 new words from our shared reading poem, 'Thanksgiving Song' and will pull some more from these books as well.  Please check the word wall for the new words.  Supporting your child at home remains the same at this point in the year, as you are reading anything along with your child point out our word wall words and ask if they know the words.  Also, discussing the concept of 'word' is helpful.  Noticing that there is a space between words to let you know a new word is coming is an important concept as well as a word being a group of letters put together.  Thank you for returning the word rings on Wednesdays so that we can use them in school as well as add our new words to them.


    In writer's workshop we have moved onto 'writing like a scientist' and 'show and tell' will follow after the break.  In this unit we focus specifically on the attributes of items from leaves and stones collected on our nature walk to items the children hold in great personal value.  Look for a letter asking to send in a show and tell item/items following the break.  Thank you in advance for your help with this fun and engaging writing unit.


    During our morning share many children have had the opportunity to read and show their drawings depicting traditions that their families share.  Following the share, Mrs. Kenny, our classroom aide, backs them with construction paper, laminates them, and adds them to our Family Heritage bulletin board in the hall.  The pride and joy that comes with this share is immeasurable.  Please do your best to complete it at your convenience.  


    We will spend this week finishing up topic 1 in math with stations filled with activities to reinforce the concepts learned in this extensive unit.  


    I hope everyone has a lovely week and a safe and joyous Thanksgiving!