My Home Page

  • My name is Kristin Schmid and I am the school psychologist at Goosehill.  I feel that my role is to help facilitate meaningful social interactions between students.  I meet with students both individually, in lunch groups, and am often on the playground to help all students form and maintain friendships in school.  If you ever have a question or concern please feel free to contact me 631-367-5995.  Below are the hours I am available in Goosehill.

    Monday 8:10-12:30
    Tuesday 11:00-3:15
    Wednesday 11:00-3:15
    Thursday 9:30-1:45
    Friday 8:10-12:30

    My goal is to meet with all of the students over the course of the year during our friendship lunch group.  This is an ongoing group where students are cycled in and out to focus on various social skills during the lunch period.