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  •  butch

    Sharing Gratitude! Celebrating School Related Professionals

    Thanksgiving is a time to reflect upon gratitude, and spread kindness to those we care about. November is National Gratitude Month; the word “gratitude” is derived from the Latin word “gratia” which means gratefulness or thankfulness, and a way to acknowledge the good things in life. During the month of November, classrooms were busy sharing notes of thanks to Veterans and staff members spreading kindness and positive messages.

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  •  food drive

    District Food Drives

    Throughout the CSH School District, each building was instrumental in helping so many in need this Thanksgiving season. There have been winter coat drives, and food drives for local charitable organizations with the help of student council/student government and various school clubs. Thank you to staff, students and community members for your generosity for those less fortunate. A special thanks to former Board of Education member, Ingrid Wright, for pick ups and deliveries to the Helping Hands Rescue Mission and coordinating these efforts along with Health Education teacher, Karen Uhl-Smith.

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  •  MUSIC

    Nassau County Music Educator’s Celebration

    Cold Spring Harbor School District music educators and administration attended the annual “Honor Your Administrator’s Night” hosted by NMEA (Nassau Music Educators Association) on November 9 at The Milleridge Inn. The mission of the NMEA is to enrich school music programs by nurturing student musicianship and empowering members through collaboration and professional development.

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  •  donations

    DONATIONS gratefully appreciated!

    DONATIONS gratefully appreciated! ALL school buildings are currently hosting collections for FOOD drives in time for Thanksgiving, and also COAT and Winter Gear drives for the upcoming season. Please look through your pantries and closets for donations to our local community food banks and charitable donation centers that help so many in need...thank you!

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  •  Native American

    Drums, Fire Pits & Tepees! Native American Day

    It has become a beloved tradition in Vicky Ranaldo’s kindergarten class to explore the many facets of Native American life. Due to the pandemic, this outdoor nature exploration was postponed for nearly 3 years. It is hard to say which activity was the favorite, as kids gathered logs and rocks to build a fire pit, crawl inside the tepee, sharpen their “stick spears” to fish, plant corn or pick berries!

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  •  pumpkin patch

    The Pumpkin Patch Goosehill Primary

    Whether the pumpkin patch is indoors or outdoors – all the children see is a field of orange pumpkins ready to be picked as their very own! Kids were delighted to run and see which one called their name, and then held them close to take back to their classrooms.

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  •  GHP

    Goosehill Days….

    There is always something fun happening at Goosehill School – students love their morning “Pledge” with Ms. Cosme and announcements of birthdays and hello’s. Morning Circle time with Responsive Classroom techniques have been embraced and enjoyed by both students and staff, and the kids always get out their energy while having fun in Rory Malone’s physical education classes.

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  •  Fire Truck

    Fire Safety Prevention

    Hoisting 200 kids onto their firetruck was all in a day’s work of hoisting ladders and hoses while fighting fires for these heroes! Goosehill students were so excited to see, touch, and sit inside a real firetruck, and learn the difference between fire trucks and fire engines. Many questions were answered, fears eased, and safety prevention learned for our youngest students.

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