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    Dear Parents,        

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    What We've Been Working on:

    In Fundations:

     We are working on tapping out cvc words and short & long vowel sounds. We will continue this skill for the next 2 months. The students are tapping out words with their fingers, magnetic boards & writing them as well. We are also starting to work on digraphs: th, sh & ch. We are also tapping out cvc words with these sounds as well. The students also continue to build on handwriting skills as well.

    In Math:

    We have completed our math units on shapes & measurement. The children enjoyed creating shape monsters and describing how many sides & vertices each shape has. They compared 2D shapes to 3D shapes. In measurement we explored measuring items in the classroom that were shorter than & taller than 5 cube trains & 10 cube trains. Students also put items in size order, created a measurement garden & measured how long there 100 day items were. We are now working on number bonds and addition.


    In Reading:

    Sudents continue to practice reading strategies when they're stuck on a word. Please look for the bookmarks in your child's reading bag to practice with them when they get stuck on a word. We are also now up to 41 sight words. Please continue to practice the new sight words each week as well as review the prior weeks.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at: .



    Laura Adams


    Monday - GYM & LIBRARY.

    Tuesday - GYM

    Wednesday - GYM.

    Thursday - ART.

    Friday - MUSIC. 


    Please remember to unpack your child's red folder each night & send in any items you may find at home from the classroom.  


      Some Helpful Reminders:

    Please pack a snack & snack drink everyday for your child. Please place snack in a separate bag labeled “SNACK”.  (If you’d like to purchase a snack drink you may set it up through the district website with the meal plan.)

    *Lunch will be from 11:10 – 12:00

     Please refer to the menu to know selections for the week (it is on the district website). If your child is buying lunch & you do not have an account please be sure the money is in an envelope and that it is labeled with your child’s name.