• Dear Parents,

    Hello!.  I will continue posting newsletters monthly on the class website (on the newsletter tab). Please check the site for the calendar of events & news. Listed below is an outline of work we completed for the weeks through October.   


    In reading, we continue to practice reading early emergent books in class that have simple patterns. We have been practicing using reading strategies when reading: using picture clues (eagle eye), touching the words when reading & thinking if it makes sense. Students continue to build on their sight word knowlege- they are reading simple books that have current sight words we are working on. Ex: the pattern in the book may be: I can see a ____ on each page. We are also working on retelling story elements &  saying something about what we are reading. Book Baggies will be coming home next week for your child to practice reading at home. 


    In writing, we are sketching and labeling our ideas . Students are telling a story with their pictures and beginning sounds of words.  We will continue to work on letter formations, posture and grip to build on our writing stamina. Students will continue to write about stories in their lives through their pictures & words.


    We are studying on measurement & 2D & 3D shapes. We will explore with the 100 item collections next week in class. 


    Fundations & Word Work

    We are working on lowercase letter formations & letter sounds.  So far we have covered the following letters: t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s.  We have studied the following sight words: I, can, see, a, the, to, me, it, is, like. 


    In Science, we are studying weather and nature.  Students are learning about the change of season Fall and observing the changes in weather. We will continue to learn about extreme weather and learn what causes extreme weather. Students will experiment and observe and tell about what they notice with different kinds of weather.