• These are the Reading Strategies we will be working on this year::
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    Listed below is an outline of what we will be working on in reading this year:

    Elements of Reading Workshop:

                   *Reading habits - What does it look like? What does it sound like? Class environment during 

                   *Shared reading - reading with partners or with the teacher.
                   *Guided reading - reading with the teacher to build on reading skills.
                   *Independent reading - reading by yourself.
                    *Reading Responses - talking & writing about what we read.

                   *Making connections to what we read.
    Encourage your child to read often.  His/Her attitude towards reading can affect future reading success, so make it fun!    

    Does your child understand the story?

    Try these questions:

    1.  An In the Book question is a literal type of question.  The child will be able  
        to find the answer directly stated in the book.
                    Where is the story happening? (setting)
                    Who is in the story? (Characters)

    2.    A Think and Search question is an inferential type of question.  The child will  be able to
          search for relevant information in the text that will provide evidence to back
          up his answer, but he will also need to think about his past experiences and
          make a connection to completely answer the question.
                    What was the problem?
                    How was the problem fixed?
                    Could the story really have happened?  Why or why not?