• Writing Workshop Curriculum:

    This year your child will be writing various pieces during Writing Workshop. Our first topic is "Sketching and labeling" our writing. This topic is narrative writing that tells about something we did or like to do. Our other topics this year are "Writing like a Scientist"/"Collection writing", "how-to", All About and informational pieces. The children are encouraged to write their best and stretch the words as they are writing them. Please do not worry about spelling when working with your child at home.

    Interactive Writing:

    Interactive writing is a group writing process where the children think of an idea together.   We take turns writing the words and parts of words.  The children learn how to say a word slowly and listen for the sounds they hear.  We also discuss the correct use of capital letters and punctuation marks as well as the correct spacing of words.  During interactive writing, the children re-read what is written to be sure that the writing can be understood.  They will be able to use these skills when they write independently.


    The following items are emphasized:

    • correct pencil grip  
    • touch the top line - sky line
    • touch the middle line - airplane line
    • touch the bottom line - grass line           
    • do not extend way below the bottom line (worm line)
    • correct spacing for letter formation and word position