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  •  A Visit and Lesson from The Children’s Museum

    A Visit and Lesson from The Children’s Museum

    K-1 students and staff were delighted to welcome back the Long Island Children’s Museum Educator Jennifer Henriquez, for a lesson in engineering building concepts. Structures made of colorful foam balls and toothpicks were created in multiple shapes and designs. They learned about how architectural design foundations from around the world can be make of squares and even triangles.

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  •  Mental Health Awareness Video

    Mental Health Awareness Video

    Mental Health Awareness Video from our students and staff! Please take a minute to watch the Public Service Announcement from our students and staff about what advice they would give someone struggling with mental health, how they manage their mental health, and why this month is an important one!

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  •  tenure

    Tenure Granted

    Congratulations to Daniel Danbusky (tenure area of High School Principal); Jamie Hanik (tenure area of Special Education); Michelle Novelli (tenure area of Elementary Education); and Alyssa Powell (tenure area of Reading), who were granted tenure at the recommendation of the Superintendent at the May 14 Board of Education meeting.

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  •  Retirement Wishes

    Retirement Wishes

    At the May 14 Board of Education meeting, 11 Retirees were honored. On behalf of the Board and the administrative team, all were recognized followed by a gathering of celebration and congratulatory wishes and cake. For the many years dedicated to the Cold Spring Harbor School District, we wish you much happiness in your retirement and thank you for the many contributions you have made to Cold Spring Harbor.

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  •  ctd

    Corey The Dribbler visits Goosehill Teaching Character on and off the Court

    Every little boy or girl has a dream, and sometimes they come true! For Corey Brewer, that dream was to become a Harlem Globetrotter basketball player and the world's best ball handler. And now he brings his journey to life inspiring K-12 students to reach their goals while teaching them integrity and strong character. He is an 8-time Guinness World Record holder with an engaging personality, and the students couldn't get enough of him!

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  •  plants

    Hydroponics at Goosehill

    Library Media Specialist Marissa Urso has set up a hydroponics tower in the Creative Learning Lab (CLL) at Goosehill. To these students in Ms. DeRopp’s class, it may look a little like Jack’s giant bean stalk watching these roots take flight into abundant plants. Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants using a water-based nutrient solution rather than soil. During this science lesson, Ms. Urso shared a Venn diagram showing the differences between plants that grow in nature vs. hydroponics.

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  •  Bee-coming Gardeners

    Bee-coming Gardeners Native Pollinators at Goosehill

    Thank you to the GHPTG for spearheading the planting of these colorful flowers with our youngest students in the school courtyard. These flowers not only add to the beauty of the amphitheater play and lesson area, but they will also serve as a natural decorative backdrop for the upcoming graduation ceremonies.

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  •  mona

    Retirement Announcement: Mona Hecht

    At the April Board of Education meeting, the Board approved the resignation for purposes of retirement for Ms. Mona Hecht, Assistant Superintendent for Counseling, Student Services & Human Resources, who has served in the educational system for 34 years.

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