• GH Art

    Ms. Katrina Albanese

    The Art Department's primary goal is to create an environment in which our young artists can realize their creative potential. We nurture that potential by engaging students in meaningful art experiences and invite students to explore their worlds through observation, imagination and hands-on creative involvement. Through an exploration of art methods and materials, students are learning to formulate and express ideas as they develop their skills.

    Our artistic experiences are enriched by artists, art history, cultural awareness, literature, and the performing arts. Students explore genres such as portraiture, the figure, landscape, still life and non-representational art. Through the making of art and within an ongoing process of individual and group critiques, students expand their expressive vocabularies while they reflect upon, interpret and evaluate works of art.

    At Goosehill, students will develop basic skills while learning the Elements of Art. They will incorporate these elements (line, shape, color, texture, space, value) within their creations throughout the year. From September until June, our Kindergarten and First grade students will be exposed to literature that relates directly to each Element and will have demonstrated each Element within their works.