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Global School Play Day

Global School Play Day was a huge success at Goosehill!. Kicking off the event was a schoolwide assembly, where physical education teacher Rory Malone discussed the importance of cooperation, sportsmanship and compromise. He was joined by school psychologist Kristin Schmid, who explained how to problem solve during play and introduce yourself to a new friend. Goosehill also welcomed the collaboration of the high school Social Action Club who shared and helped facilitate their favorite games with the students and assisted them as they transitioned to different classrooms and play stations.
The official Global School Play Day was on February 7, however Goosehill celebrated it a few weeks later. This was the first time Goosehill participated in this global event. Students were encouraged to play without the use of screens or adult direction. The idea was to let children explore their creativity, problem-solving skills, and social interactions in an unstructured and spontaneous environment. Global School Play Day began in 2015. This day of play is a crucial aspect of a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. The movement has gained support from educators, parents and organizations globally, and it continues to grow as more schools recognize the importance of balancing academic rigor with the benefits of play in a child’s overall development. Through play students develop their curiosity, flexibility, along with verbal and nonverbal skills while exploring their emotional intelligence - learning confidence, cooperation, negotiation, sharing, empathy and how to communicate appropriately. Thank you to Principal Cosme for spearheading a fun day indeed!