First Grade


    Ms. Gianna Andreacchi         
    Ms. Susana Gonzalez-Condell
    Ms. Joanne Katz                      
    Ms. Sarah McDonald             
    Ms. Laura Schumm               
    Ms. Michelle Riggles                                      

    First grade is a time when all of us want to create a happy transition for the children as they leave the world of kindergarten. Teachers strive to establish caring and thoughtful communities that build on the learning experiences of kindergarten.

    Our work is to support the growing ability of each child in all areas of the school curriculum. Over time, we expect first graders to see themselves as young mathematicians, scientists, historians, and literate people. First grade is a time when children begin to have favorite books and authors, as well as an understanding that people read and write for information and pleasure. Children are encouraged to ask questions, engage in meaningful problem solving, and talk about books and stories, mathematics, science, and social studies.

    Our first grade program offers children many ways to learn, and challenges each child to his/her highest potential.


    • Art
    • Music
    • Library
    • Physical Education

    Grade 1 Curriculum Guide