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    As a way of introduction, I am the social worker for Goosehill Primary School and I have the privilege of working with all students in a variety of settings within the building.  For example, you may find me in the lunchroom or playground helping students navigate social experiences in a less formal setting or you may hear that I visited your child's classroom to provide lessons on social emotional learning.  In an effort to explain who I am and what I do to the children I typically refer to myself as the feelings and friendship teacher.  This title description seems to stick with the children and they know first hand that they may come to me with their specific concerns or questions.

    You may reach me either through the main office line (631) 367-5940 or you may call me directly at (631) 367-6846.  Please leave a message, either way, regarding the nature of your call so I may assist you and or your child in an efficient manner. 

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