Computer Technology

  • The Cold Spring Harbor Board of Education is committed to optimizing student learning and teaching.  The Board considers student access to a computer network, including the Internet, to be a powerful and valuable educational and research tool, and encourages the use of computers and computer-related technology for the purpose of advancing and promoting learning and teaching.

     Technology can provide a forum for learning various software applications and through online databases, bulletin boards and electronic mail, can significantly enhance educational experiences and provide statewide, national and global communications for students.

     All users of the district's technology network and the Internet must understand that use is a privilege, not a right, and that use entails responsibility.

     The Board of Education has adopted policy 4526 Computer Network for Education and regulation 4526-R Computer Technology.  This policy and regulation define the purpose of the district network, as well as district and student responsibilities, among other topics.  The full document can be found below.

     Additionally, the district has developed the Proper and Acceptable Student Technology Use document which combines elements from policy 4526 and the Code of Conduct.  This document defines what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable when students utilize technology.  The last page is a Commitment that must be signed by both students and parents annually; this document can be found below as well.

     Lastly, parents may specifically request that their children's Internet and/or email access be withheld by completing the form below.  When considering opting out, please be aware that essential skills (such as research and collaboration) will not be developed to the extent required for secondary education, or employment in today's workforce, should you opt out of access for your child.