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Congressional App Presentation in Washinton DC

Congratulations to students, Ryan Smith (Junior), Buster Coden (Senior), Desmond Mehta (Senior) and Milan Lustig (Junior), who were invited to travel to Wash D.C. for the #HouseOfCode Science Fair which is considered "The most prestigious demo day in STEM" and "The new National Science Fair."
The team presented their Congressional App on water quality and also had the opportunity to meet with Congressional Representative, Nick LaLota, from District NY1, tour the Capitol, and attend panel discussions and present their app to members of Congress! The team built an app that allows residents of Suffolk County to quickly check the water quality in their local rivers, harbors, and bays. This app, which uses ReactJS and Leaflet, displays an interactive map with several points representing the United States Geological Survey water-monitoring sites across Suffolk County. Live data is then queried from these stations and analyzed before an overall rating of the water quality at that location is displayed to the user.
What an amazing experience! On behalf of CSHCSD we are very proud of you!
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