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2024 Junior Book Awards

At the May 14 Board of Education meeting, fifteen students were presented with 2024 Junior Book Awards by the Assistant Superintendent for Counseling, Student Services & Human Resources, Mona E. Hect, designated by colleges to Juniors with the highest levels of academic achievement. The honors went to: Margaret Spehr (Brown University), Adais Arora (Columbia University), Robert Damast (Cornell University), Anne Tauckus (Dartmouth University), Aidan Smith (Hamilton College), Milan Lustig (Harvard University), Katie Istomin (Miami University of Ohio), Ryan Smith (Princeton University), Julia Wang (St. Lawrence University), Megan Jasinski (St. Michaels College), Sylvie Schneider (Tulane University), Kelly Callahan (University of Notre Dame), Stephen Schmidt (University of Pennsylvania), Kamila Kotek (University of Rochester), Sofia Mulada (Yale University), Congratulations to all for this very prestigious honor!
(missing from photo: Milan Lustig.)