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Tee UP & Order UP! Jr. High STEAM Food Trucks & Golf Courses

There was so much excitement in the air with the anticipation of the Junior High “STEAM Reveal” for the 7th grade Instagram Bakery Shops and 8th grade Mini-Golf Course debut! As students showcased their “cultural themed” projects outside in the courtyard of the new science wing, fellow junior high students took turns “ordering up” the many delicious food items from the simulated Instagram shops and practiced their golf skills on the table-top putting greens. Each shop launched their STEAM project ready to serve with marquee, menus and café al fresco tables and stools handmade in tech class. Students lined up to taste test cupcakes, cookies and brownies all packaged in beautifully designed mini-cake boxes. There was a crepe station, and a corn hole contest. The golf putting greens were a hit (literally!). These table-top greens featured countries and beautiful decorative themes from all over the world. Art District Chairperson, Christine Oswald, shared, “STEAM education is an approach to teaching and learning that combines science, technology, engineering, and arts and math to guide student inquiry, discussion and problem solving.”
The Jr. High STEAM students have been empowered to be curious learners who seek creative solutions to questions they can’t just search for online. This process of project-based learning helps students to develop skills necessary to succeed. These STEAM projects have been a work in progress for months. Structures were created in Technology class with technology teacher, Morgan Milleisen, where teams worked together to construct and build using saws, drilling with power tools, measuring and hammering together these simulated structures. Ms. Milleisen also assigned the students to build bistro tables and stools; a life skill set they could apply in the future. They were beautifully painted in glossy resin in art class with decorative designs that were truly dazzling. She shared, “My goal is to build a program that teaches students skills they can use for the rest of their lives, such as assembling furniture and using basic tools. She guides student lessons in 3D printing, computer-aided design, engineering and woodworking.”
Students learned about brand marketing, logos, advertising and nutrition in Family and Consumer Sciences with Myra Georgiou, along with testing recipes, learning kitchen skills, budgeting and completion of a sewing unit where the 8th graders hand sewed adorable mini-monster pillows relating to various cultural themes. Creative design implementation of logos, menus, and spectacular store facades, Instagram frames and mini-golf courses, tables & stools were designed and completed in Art class with Ann McLam. The projects reinforced time management and personal organization skills. It was a true cross curricular project. Executing the final result was no easy task! All three subject classes collaborated on this long-term project which is revealed “by team” during lunch periods at the end of May and early June. First up was the Green Team on May 17, stay tuned for the next two teams who will present on May 31 and June 7. Amazing job Junior High students!