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Holiday House Beach Towels and Flip Flop Donation Drive Delivered!

Lloyd Harbor: Giving back has always been a huge part of the Cold Spring Harbor school/community connection with our neighbors and beyond. Student volunteerism and service are paramount in tandem with academic experiences and encouraged both at home and at school. Time and again, the many fundraisers and donations to help those in need are exceedingly generous and we continue to be grateful for these connections. Fourth graders visited for their annual tour of Holiday House, and were pleased to deliver donated Beach Towels and Flip Flops from their school-wide student council donation drive.
Holiday House in Huntington, is a tuition-free summer sleep-away camp in Long Island since 1914. Their mission is to enrich the lives of low-income girls and empower them to navigate the world ahead. They have provided free summer experiences to more than 200 children each summer. Thank you to all the families who donated these supplies to help enrich a beautiful summer experience for these girls.