Our District

  • Our school district is home to over 8,000 residents. While officially known as the Cold Spring Harbor Central School District, the district actually serves a much bigger area than the village for which it is named.

    CSHCSD serves the northern portion of the townships of Huntington and Oyster Bay and includes three smaller communities: the village of Lloyd Harbor, Laurel Hollow and the Cold Spring Harbor area of Huntington. In land area, the largest part of the district is not in Cold Spring Harbor, but in Lloyd Harbor and Laurel Hollow.

    In many ways, it is the school district that unites these geographically separate North Shore communities and serves as a focal point. The community as a whole values education highly and offers broad-based support for its schools. Its commitment to quality education is evidenced by its overwhelming support for the school budget and the diverse course offerings, programs and activities that are available to all students.

    Its commitment to learning, however, goes well beyond the fine reputation it has built for its schools. Cold Spring Harbor has become a worldwide center of learning under the auspices of such organizations as the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and its innovative DNA Learning Center.

    Widely regarded as one of the top school districts on Long Island, Cold Spring Harbor consistently earns high marks. Based on criteria provided by the statewide guidebook, Statistical Profiles of Public School Districts, the district is listed among those considered generally outstanding.

    A community is often judged by its schools, and Cold Spring Harbor fares well when measured by this yardstick. According to the School Match Guide to Public Schools, published by Simon & Schuster, District #2 is among the 7% of schools nationwide cited as school systems that enhance real estate values and draw people to an area.