Second East Side School House 1870-1924


    This two story wood school house was located on the south side of Main Street (Route 25A) at number 334 in the town of Cold Spring Harbor. It was built in 1869 on 1½ acres. Primary and intermediate grades were on the first floor and 6th, 7th, and 8th grades were on the second floor. Fifty students were enrolled in 1923. This school was also known as “Cold Spring School”.

    The February 9, 1906 Long Islander notes that regents examinations will take place on January 25th and 26th in English, US history, geography, reading, mathematics, and spelling.

    Margaret Norton remembers –

    “…children walked to and from the village school on Main Street (the wooden structure that I attended, on the site of today’s DNA Learning Center). Sometimes the teachers had to thaw out little hands frozen from the heavy snow. ....We were allowed to take Regents in seventh grade and go right into high school if we passed, which, as mentioned, is what I did.”

    From Maggie’s Memories…A View of Cold Spring Harbor by Margaret Norton.

    Highlights from the Long Islander:

    August 8, 1891:  The school budget was $1,100.
    January 12, 1895:  School was closed for three weeks because of the fever scare.

    February 16, 1895:   A broken furnace closed the school for three days.

    October 26, 1900:   By order of the health department, the school was closed for two weeks due to the diphtheria scare.

    September 13, 1901:   School began with seventy registered scholars.

    June 26, 1903:  Mrs. Walter Jennings, trustee, presented awards to the students on the last day of school. Two complete writing desks were given for the best writing. A silver pen knife was given by the principal to the most polite boy based upon the vote of the girls.

    January 27, 1908:  A thief entered the school basement and stole the principal’s 1907 Rambler bicycle.

    October 4, 1912:  A vegetable wagon was wrecked when the horses ran away scattering melons and tomatoes about Main Street in the vicinity of the schoolhouse.

    December 27, 1912:  The play, “Christmas Gifts of All Nations”, was performed at the school.

    December 25, 1914:  Mrs. Jennings gave the children their Christmas treat in moving pictures Tuesday evening at the library. There were readings, recitations and music by the children, followed by pictures, after which cake and cocoa were served.

    November 22, 1918:  A sudden outbreak of influenza in the village resulted in the school closing.

    May 7, 1920:  The school budget was $5,600.

    Highlights of building renovations:

    August 10, 1895:  The school and property were valued at $12,000.

    August 29, 1902:  Work begins on the two story 25’ x 16’ extension to the school house. It will be at the rear of the present structure.

    November 15, 1907:  A new coat of oil was applied on all the floors and a new electric chandelier was installed in the principal’s room.

    September 7, 1906:  A square portico was installed in front of the building.

    September 3, 1909:  The schoolhouse was painted white and the stone steps on the street have been rebuilt and new steps have been laid.