Class Charter

  • Choice Board Homework


    1. Choice Board Homework packet will be typically be given on a Monday and will be due 1 week later. Please refer to the due date on the bottom of each packet.


    2. Help your child find a quiet comfortable place in your home to complete the homework. Also, keep the packet in the same safe place so your child can find it easily.


    3. Help your child pace himself/herself. The choice board is to be completed over one week (a few activities each day), not all in one or two days.


    4. At least 5 activities must be done in all. You are to help your child decide if more if more of the activities are completed. For example, a child who finishes work quickly and independently should be encouraged to complete all 9 activities.


    5. Any box that has a  * next to it is a MUST DO. Your child can then choose from the other boxes to complete the requirement or beyond.


    6. Reading – In addition, your child should read each night. A book from the classroom may or may not be provided. Other options: Read a book from home or Raz Kids (login info coming soon).


    7. Math- All of the pages will always be a MUST DO.  The Math Module workbook will be sent home on the day it is to be completed. The Homework page with that day's date is a MUST DO. Any pages labeled "Optional" is a CAN DO, and can be completed for those who’d like an extra challenge. Word problems can be read to your child. They are not expected to read them independently.


    8. All homework should be completed in pencil unless directions specify otherwise.


    9. Please encourage your child to provide neat, quality work that is returned by the due date listed at the bottom.


    10. Please sign the bottom of the cover sheet upon completion of the homework.



    I hope your child enjoys doing Choice Board Homework this school year. It will include activities over many subject areas to enhance what is learned in school. Work is to be done independently, as well as, with family members.