Fundations & Spelling

  • Trick Words/ Spelling Words List

    The following is a list of all of the words your child will need to know how to read and spell by the end of 1st grade. Each week 5 or 6 trick words will be introduced, practiced, and reviewed in school. Please practice these words with your child and hold them accountable for correctly spelling the words we've covered in class. I will send home a list of the words that are being worked on for each week.

    Thanks for your cooperation and support.


    the, and, is, his, of

    as, has, to, into, for , or

    we, he, be, she, me

    you, your, I, they, all

    was, one, said, went, saw

    from, have, do, does, because

    were, are, then, so, go

    who, what, when, now, before

    where, there, here, able, came

    why, by, my, try, sky

    put, two, know, made, make

    too, very, also, some, come

    would, could, should, her, over

    number, say, says, use, like

    see, between, each, any, many

    how, now, down, out, about, our

    friend, other, another, none, nothing

    people, month, little, been, own

    want, Mr., Mrs., don’t, I’m

    work, word, write, being, their

    first, look, good, new, knew

    water, called, day, may, way