Welcome back to school!

  • Welcome back to school to all of our returning and new Goosehill families!

    Some gentle suggestions for how to help children transition back into school
    The anticipation of a new school year is an exciting time.  Kids may not want to say goodbye to days spent playing at home, but at the same time they are often eager to get back to learning and being with friends.

    Here are some suggestions that I hope you find helpful,
    • establish a routine the last few weeks of summer. Summer vacation typically lacks the structure of a school year. That lack of structure helps kids unwind and make the most of the freedom that summer provides.
    • you may want to begin having your child wake up earlier each day the week before school begins to make the morning transition back go more smoothly.
    • having breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time you serve it during the school year can help your child's body begin to re-adjust as well.
    • reading books to your child and having your child practice his/her reading will help your child start the year off nicely.