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Student Research Symposium

The Cold Spring Harbor School District hosted its annual high school Research Symposium on May 21, 2024. About 45 students from the research program were in attendance from the various research courses offered at the high school, including Foundations of Research, Advanced Research II and III, and Independent Research. Guest speaker, Dr. Scott Campbell, Director of the Arthropod-Borne Disease Lab for the Suffolk County Department of Health, spoke of his work related to the diseases spread by various species of ticks and mosquitos along with tactics to avoid being bitten. He also offered students his insight on how to follow their passion when doing research. The night proceeded with our senior students, Saami Ali, Zabelle Bobelian, Kati Cotek, Kira Davis, Katie Engel, Ryan Koenigsberger, Desmond Mehta, Selma Nuwara and Lucas Wolf, who each gave a flash talk about their yearly research projects. The night concluded with a poster gallery, giving all research students in grades 9 through 12 the opportunity to present their work alongside their posters. It was incredible to see the variety of topics that our students pursued, including: biomedical engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, environmental science, material science, behavioral and social science, biochemistry, bioinformatics and genomics, and animal and plant sciences. It was an amazing night to witness – thank you all for sharing your knowledge!