Student Life

  • Arrival:

    The school day begins at 8:45. When students arrive to school, they report directly to the gymnasium. We begin the day with a brief school-wide assembly led by Student Council at which time children hear important announcements. It is also a time when students have the opportunity to perform musical numbers in front of their peers or show commercials they created in our newsroom.  At times our students are greeted by guest speakers and updates from their teachers. Students begin the day in their classrooms around 8:50.  However, supervision of students begins at 8:30.  Students are considered to be tardy when they arrive after 8:50. Any student who arrives after 9:00 a.m. must report to the Nurse's Office so that the classroom attendance report can be updated.

    Afternoon Dismissal:

    Dismissal from school begins at 3:05 p.m.  All buses are boarded in the Laurel Hollow Road bus circle. Students being picked up by their parents (Stewart Lane entrance) wait in the cafeteria until they are released to their cars by staff members.  If a change is absolutely necessary for reasons such as child care, two notes should be sent to school with your child in the morning and should not be e-mailed to the main office at any time.


    Each day our students will participate in a number of different special area subjects. Depending on their grade, students will have some of the following specials: Physical Education, General Music, Art, FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary School - Spanish), Library, Science, Computers, and Instrumental Music.


    Students in 5th and 6th grade are part of a team which means that they travel to different teachers throughout the day for their core subjects.  In addition to their homeroom teacher, they will meet with teachers for social studies, science, reading, writing, and math.  Below is a list of some of the benefits to teaming in the upper grades:

    • The structure affords teachers the opportunity to concentrate more specifically on one subject area.

    • We gain a deeper appreciation for our learners by looking at them through more than one lens.

    • Teaming promotes increased collaboration between staff members and increased  communication about students.

    • Children will make connections by working with more teachers and different teaching styles.

    • Looping benefits our 6th graders by working with teachers for more than one year.

    • It brings an element of enthusiasm to the school year, especially for our 5th graders.

    • Students will feel more prepared for the junior high transition in 7th grade.
    • Changing classes gives students an increased opportunity to move around.

    • This design will encourage students to take more ownership over their own learning and increase responsibility.

    Agenda Book:

    All students will receive an agenda book (planner) on the first day of school.  The first 10-12 pages are the parent/student handbook.  Click on the link below to view the handbook.