School Improvement Team

  • The West Side School Improvement Team (SIT) is comprised of elected parent representatives, teacher representatives, and the school principal. Each year, the work of the SIT is to identify a set of goals for the purpose of improving student achievement. 

    Our School Improvement Team normally meets on Thursdays @ 3:30 pm @ WSS.  Please refer to the school district calendar for dates and times.

    SIT Members for the 2018-2019 school year:

    Dr.   Lydia Bellino, Interim Principal
    Mrs. Baratta, Teacher
    Mrs. Byrne, Teacher
    Mrs. Schoenberg, Teacher
    Mrs. Wojcik, Teacher

    Mrs. Coco
    Mrs. Dabakarov
    Mrs. Flynn
    Mrs. Madigan

    The School Improvement Team Meeting Notes will be posted after the first meeting of the school year.