• Book Fair:

    Our Book Fair is held at West Side each fall for all West Side students.  The children visit during their scheduled time slots with their teachers to purchase books. The PTG also schedules a family shopping time after school so parents could come and shop with their kids if they are not able to attend during their child’s shopping time.

    Cultural Arts:

    West Side students benefit from the exposure of the Cultural Arts Program. Below is a sample of some of the programs our students have participated in recently:

    • 2nd Grade: Author visit by David Adler
    • 3rd Grade: Rumba tap by Max Pollack
    • 4th Grade: Journeys into American Indian Territory
    • 5th Grade: Tile-making with Cliff Mendelson
    • 6th Grade: Square Dancing

    Ellis Island Day:

    The "Ellis Island" experience in the 4th grade is a wonderful re-enactment of the treacherous journey to America and immigration process of the late 1800's and early 1900's encountered by immigrants upon entrance to New York. On this this special day, parts of West Side School are transformed into Ellis Island with parent volunteers, faculty, and staff participating as actors. All 4th grade students are assigned an identity and must assume this role with authentic clothing and food corresponding to their pseudo ethnic background. Students then embark on a realistic voyage and undergo physical/psychological exams completed by immigrants during the arrival process on Ellis Island.  This re-enactment provides an authentic understanding of an immigrant's experience while making a lasting educational impression on students.

    Field Day:

    Come cheer for your child and his/her team. Children participate in different field day activities and are treated to a BBQ lunch outdoors afterwards.

    Genuine Acts of Kindness:

    The definition of kindness is “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” Performing, witnessing, and recognizing genuine acts of kindness connects us to one another.  During the month of January, we celebrate these moments. Students receive tickets when they are “caught” being kind.  They drop their tickets into a jar located in the main office.  Each day the tickets are tallied.  Each ticket in the jar reminds us that we are all connected here at West Side.

    Geography Bee:

    West Side School participates in the National Geographic Bee. This annual contest is held in the winter for our 5th and 6th grade classes using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography. Our West Side School champion then moves forward to partake in the written examination and pending qualification, join in the Albany regional competition. Successively, the winner from the regional competition will join the National Geographic Bee in Washington, DC.

    Holiday Boutique:

    The Community Room is set up with gifts for the holiday season so children can shop for family, friends or even pets. Parents are welcomed to attend during their child's shopping time

    Lincoln Center:

    Students in West Side School have the privilege to benefit from the  partnership with Lincoln Center Education/Institute. They work closely with a Lincoln Center Teaching Artist for several sessions in preparation for their world renown performances in music, art, dance or drama. Through this partnership, students experience the arts which engages their creativity.  Ms. Daniels-Rosenblatt is the Lincoln Center Coordinator for West Side School.

    International Day:

    International Day is an annual spring event celebrated by the West Side third grade classes. This special initiative allows our students the opportunity to investigate a country’s culture, language, customs, natural resources, and exports across all continents. The students are exposed to the splendor of how the global community is truly interconnected. Additionally, Intentional Day provides a unique experience in which an interdisciplinary approach to teaching is combined between the classroom and special area subjects (FLES, music, and art) resulting in a distinctive learning experience for students.

    Spelling Bee:

    West Side holds an annual Spelling Bee.   Two students from  each 4th, 5th, and 6th grade class participate in the competition. Our West Side School champion then moves forward to partake in the Hofstra Long Island Regional Spelling Bee. Subsequently, the winner from the regional competition will then represent Long Island at the National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC

    Symbols of America:

    The Second Grade students led by Mrs.Ryan and Mrs. Santoro give a breathtakingly patriotic performance at the High School Performing Arts Center.  Each class researches and presents on one of our nation’s symbols. They sing The Star Spangled Banner, America, You're a Grand Old Flag, and This Land is Your Land in addition to talking about America's great history.

    Recess Committee:

    Parents are invited to sign up for recess at West Side. Come during your child's recess time and form teams and get them involved in an organized game of soccer, basketball, tag or jump rope

    West Side Kids Care:

    We are parents and children working together to give back to our greater community in different ways throughout the year.  While helping others in need, we want to instill in our children the true strength of giving, kindness and concern for those who are less fortunate.  Organizations such as the Helping Hands Rescue Mission and the Tri-Community Youth Association, both located in Huntington Station, have become dependent upon our help after 30 years of giving.  Children have many opportunities to help both during recess and after school such as: creating posters for the school hallways for the many drives, bringing in donated items from home for the various drives, making sandwiches and putting together lunch bags for local homeless men, making cards, visiting a nursing home to spend time with seniors (making cards, handing out flowers), and visiting the Tri-CYA to help other children with their homework. We are always looking for new ideas