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    Welcome to the Library Media Center

    We welcome you to our community of readers and the collections provided by the library. Our holdings include many thousands of fiction and nonfiction print books. Non-print collections include recorded books, compact discs, kits, and videos. Subscriptions are made for a wide variety of magazines for students and teachers.

    Students access our online catalog of materials using our OPAC computer stations.  It can also be accessed from home. 

    To access our online catalog of materials from home, click HERE.

    Department Specific Information 


    Our mission is to support the N.Y. State curriculum. The librarian and classroom teachers work together to find the best resources and use them to the best advantage. We also hope to foster life-long readers with a strong literature and storytelling program.

    Library Schedule

    Library classes are scheduled every week. At other times, students may make use of the library with permission of the classroom teacher.

    Rules for Borrowing Books

    Books, magazines, and other materials may be borrowed for a three week period. Students are encouraged to take all the books they can carry. They are expected to return borrowed books promptly. We ask you to help your child establish the excellent habit of returning the materials by their due date.

    Visit Us

    You are welcome to visit the library and make use of our services which include:

    • Recommended home reference library
    • Parenting books housed in the professional collection
    • Reading lists for each grade level