Classroom News

  • Important Class Information:



    Lunch and Snack:

    Third Grade attends lunch and recess daily from 12:05 12:45.  We will have snack in the classroom daily. Healthy snacks are strongly encouraged!  Please place your child's snack in a separate bag from their lunch and labeled with his / her name.  Snack should be just enough to be able to be finished in 15 minutes.  Please let me know if your child has any food allergies!



    Outdoor Recess:

    Weather permitting, recess will be held outdoors.  Please be sure that your child is dressed appropriately.  As the weather gets colder please be sure that your child has a hat, gloves, etc, and that all items are labeled.



    After School Plans:
    If your child has any after school plans other than their normal routine, he/she requires written permission.  If I do not have written permission as to your child's plans, I must follow usual pick up plans.
    Classroom Birthday Celebrations:
    • Students are not permitted to bring in food for their birthday.  You child may choose to read a book to the class, bring in a craft to complete, etc.
    • If your child has a summer birthday they may celebrate with the class whenever is convenient for you.
    • If your child is having a birthday party outside of school, we request that you do not send your child with invitations, unless there is an invitation for ALL students.  Please let me know if you need a copy of the class list for names.


    Box Tops:

    Box Tops will be collected throughout the year.