Class Rules

  • In our class, we have a behavior chart that consists of 4 colored smiley faces: a green, yellow, orange and red.  Each color smiley face represents a consequence that we discussed in class.   Each student has a card with their name on it that can be moved to a color.

    Green Smiley Face: Had a GREAT day with zero to 2 minor reminders towards negative behavior

    Yellow Smiley Face: Had 3 reminders for negative behavior. They will lose snack free time as a consequence.

    Orange Smiley Face:  Student has shown that they still cannot control their negative behavior and is consistently asked to stop.

    Consequences:  Loss of snack free time, a phone call home and a letter sent home that must be signed by a parent/guardian and student.

    Red card: Student has had many reminders, loss of a green, yellow and orange colors.

    Consequences: Loss of snack free time and recess, and a letter home that must be signed by a parent/guardian and the student. A meeting is then scheduled with the teacher and the student’s parents. *(If the situation persists, the principal is contacted and may be asked to come to the meeting).

    Thank you for all your support in this matter.