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Symbols of America Celebration for Grade 2

It’s the perfect combination of sweetness and knowledge when second graders take the stage to embark upon their journey across America to share their wisdom, songs, trivia and sweet smiles! It’s a huge deal for second graders when they reach their unit on the history of our nation and the Symbols of America to be recognized and honored. The culminating event is their performance in the PAC at the Jr./Sr. High School. West Side and Lloyd Harbor students come together to join forces on stage to entertain with songs and educate with stories and facts of history about our nation for their family members in the audience. Each class dressed in T-shirts of either red, white or blue and together they united to put on quite a show! The Principals of Lloyd Harbor and West Side beamed with pride, as well as the classroom teachers who prepared them so beautifully for the task at hand! Everyone was treated to a delightful morning of patriotism and pride on April 16.
There were many facts shared about the American Flag, Mount Rushmore, the Bald Eagle, the White House, the Liberty Bell, and the Statue of Liberty. Did you know there are 6 American flags on the moon, or that “Pennsylvania is misspelled on the Liberty Bell! (there is an “n” missing). The first time they rang the Liberty Bell it cracked – and no one truly knows why? We learned the White House has 8 floors, and the President sleeps on the second floor in a house with 6 staircases, a bowling alley, 2 swimming pools and 5 full time chefs that can serve 140 guests. Did you also know that the 7 spikes on the statue of liberty’s crown represent the 7 continents? There was a treasure trove of information to ascertain, and it was impressive that so many students were able to memorize their lines! Thank you to the teachers for your thoughtful planning, support and commitment, the students were clearly well prepared and excited to share their knowledge, singing voices and enthusiasm. This long-standing CSH tradition, continues to remind us of the pride we have for our country through the students' heartfelt expressions about the evolution of historic symbolism in America. Amazing job second graders!