• CSH now has the premium version of Screencastify for ALL (Staff and Students).


     Below is a listing of some of the features of Screencastify

    🎥 Record

    ▸ Desktop, browser tab or webcam capture

    ▸ Narrate with your microphone’s audio

    ▸ Embed your webcam into the recording

    ▸ Full HD resolution

     ✄ Edit

    ▸ Trim the start and end of your videos

    ▸ Draw on your tab with the pen tool

    ▸ Merge, crop, and add text to videos

     🚀 Share

    ▸ Videos autosave to Google Drive

    ▸ Copy shareable Drive link with one click

    ▸ Publish directly to your YouTube channel

    ▸ Share to Google Classroom

    ▸ Save and manage videos locally

    ▸ Export as MP4, animated GIF, or MP3