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    Students Teach Smart Choices SWWATAV

    Each year, students from SWWATAV (Student Waging War Against Tobacco and Vaping) visit the elementary schools with Health teacher and Club Advisor, Karen Uhl Smith. Together they engage in student-to-student peer discussion on the benefits of a drug-free life. Topics include the dangers of vaping, drinking, smoking, and prescription drugs, as well as the importance and understanding of good decision-making skills and refusal skills.

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  •  whale

    A Whale of a Time!

    Every year second graders get a chance to visit our neighbors at the CSH Whaling Museum and learn about our town’s history and its connection to this majestic mammal and our whaling heritage. The museum’s archives and immersive galleries and hands-on workshops, guided by docents, provide a unique visit. Students are sent on a scavenger hunt within the museum, and with 6000 pieces in their collection – the hunt for artifacts kept the students very busy!

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  •  career day

    Welcome to Career Day!

    Learning from our very own community is simply the best! An amazing day of learning was organized by the School Improvement Team (SIT) at Lloyd Harbor School for the entire student body. Parents and family members shared their experiences and advice about the many possibilities in this world to explore “when we grow up.”

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  •  hollyrocks

    Hollyrocks - Lloyd Harbor welcomed back Hollyrocks

    Lloyd Harbor welcomed back Hollyrocks on May 10th after a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic – and it’s safe to say the kids were thrilled to participate in this beloved game-show quest! Hollyrocks brought the whole school together for jeopardy-style trivia about history and geography, as well as math problems to solve, spelling challenges, hula hooping, tug-of-wars, Simon Says and more.

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  • President

    Pancakes with the President

    This delightful new initiative was an insightful way for the Board of Education to connect with students first hand, to listen and learn from them! Board of Education President, Tara Belfi, and Superintendent Jill M. Gierasch, joined students in grades 2-6 from both Lloyd Harbor and West Side School for pancakes while discussing what these students love about their school, what improvements perhaps could be made, and sharing ideas to think about.

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  •  masks

    Art – Masks, Molas & Cityscapes

    Collaborations are always taking place within the curriculum incorporating learning through social studies, art, technology, FLES and often music as well. Here, fifth graders from West Side and Lloyd Harbor studied ancient Peru in class and studied the culture and language from South America. Masks were work for many ceremonies like birth, marriage and preparation for war. Some masks are pleasant, colorful and fun, while others can be scary! Art teacher, Andria McLaughlin, then had the students add bright colors to these papier amazing mâché masks.

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  •  art

    Astronaut Inspired Art K-12

    When Astronaut/artist, Nicole Stott, was invited to speak at this years largest fundraiser, the Literary Luncheon for the Cultural Arts, it inspired artwork throughout the district! Ms. Stott not only traveled into space twice living at the International Space Station, did a spacewalk, and wrote a book, but she also founded the NASA Space for Art Foundation. She has spoken to audiences all over the world and her artwork from space is featured at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

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  •  earth day

    Earth Day Fun

    At Lloyd Harbor, Earth Day is celebrated in many ways through book readings, Scholastic Earth Day News, recycling projects and crafts and a wonderful Cultural Arts presentation for grade 2; all to help better understand our earth and how we can continue to take care of our planet. The entire school also had a spirit day where kids and staff wore green or blue t-shirts. In Ms. Romanelli’s class, students took part in a "craftivity", where they completed the sentence "I help the Earth by..." and decorated their writing pieces with earthy colors.

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