Support Services

  • The support staff at Lloyd Harbor School provides services to meet the specific needs of individual students.  Our staff works collaboratively with each other and with classroom teachers to help students experience success throughout the school year.  Our team includes:


    Ms. F. Chase, AIS Coordinator                               Ms. Chase's Website
    Ms. J. Glass, Math Teacher                                     Ms. Glass' Website
    Ms. D. Valance, Reading Teacher
    Ms. B. Archer, Reading Teacher Assistant

    Ms. D. Derise, Reading Teacher Assistant
    Ms. T. Fehrs, Math Teacher Assistant
    Ms. M. Raso, Teacher Assistant

    Special Education

    Ms. C. Burmeister, Special Education Teacher     Ms. Burmeister's Website
    Ms. L. Cappello, Special Education Teacher
    Ms. C. Christ, Special Education Teacher                Ms. Christ's Website

    Ms. T. Mankuta, Special Education Teacher          Ms. Mankuta's Website
    Ms. D. Alessi, Teacher Assistant
    Ms. R. Kozeletz, Teacher Assistant


    Ms. C. Copley

    Speech and Language

    Ms. K. O'Brien, Speech and Language Teacher

    Also Starring: 
    Ms. E. Solch-Fuller, School Social Worker  Ms. Solch-Fuller's Website 
    Dr. W. Moss, School Psychologist                  
    Dr. Moss' Website