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    FLES Friday Notes  March 15, 2019

    Sixth Grade: ¿Dónde está el mercado? The sixth graders are finishing up their unit on la cuidad (the city). They have created “tiendas” that they will describe and give directions to in Spanish.

    Fifth Grade: They have been learning about the contributions of Afro-latinos for Black History Month. A wonderful program from Lincoln Center entertained and educated the students on the Afro-latino music called boogaloo. Also, we have begun previewing “las aventuras de Isabela”.

    Fourth Grade: We were able to preview “Brandon Brown quiere un perro” by taking a picture walk and reviewing vocabulary. The students completed writings and drawings about their favorite “mascotas”.

    Third Grade: Practice, practice, practice. Students are very excited to take home their books on “Los estaciones y la ropa”.  I’m looking forward to your comments about your students reading this book to you in Spanish!

    Second Grade: “¡La vida es un carnaval!”  Students learned about the traditions of Carnaval. To connect with their unit on “¿Oso pardo, Oso pardo, que ves ahi?”, students created carnaval animal masks and wrote about them in the style of oso pardo.


    FLES Friday Notes February 15, 2019

    Bon Jour! Sixth grade is well into their French February program. This exploratory unit of study is to expose students to the beautiful language and culture France has to offer and to make them aware of the option to study French in seventh grade.

    Fifth grade is finishing up their unit on time, class activities and class schedules.  Next, students will be reading a short story on “Las aventuras de Isabela”. The story introduces the students to the character Isabela and tells of the aventures she has on her trip to Mexico with her mother.

    Fourth grade is completing their lessons on “mascotas”.  I have been reading in Spanish a series by Julie Murray that teaches readers about popular pets and how to take care of them.  With this background, after vacation, we will dive into our short story, “Brandon Brown quiere un perro” (Brandon Brown Wants a Dog).

    Third grade is writing about seasons and what clothing they would wear for each season as a culminating project on their “la ropa” unit.  Once complete, they will bring their books home to share.

    Second grade has read the familiar story “Oso pardo, oso pardo, que ves ahí? ”(Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?).  We are learning the names of all the animals and reviewing colors.  Next, they will be creating their own books they will be able to share at home. 

    Estrellitas del mes (Star of the Month) for January 2019:

         2nd Grade – Juliette D’Ambrosio,  3rd grade – Saulo Basniak, 4th grade – Ella Kiefer,

         5th grade -  Ethan Light, 6th grade – Anne Tauckus


    FLES Friday Notes January 18, 2019

    Second grade is diving into conversations of “ ¿como estas?” (How are you?) and  “¡no estoy bien!” (I’m not feeling well). We having been playing charades to further solidify vocabulary acquisition.  Ask your child and see how they respond!  Third grade is continuing their unit on “la ropa” (clothing).  They are using their knowledge of colors and numbers to enhance their vocabulary and conversations.  Next, each student will create a short story based on this unit to share at home. Fourth grade is acquiring vocabulary and conversation about their families, including pets. This is in preparation for reading their first Spanish short novel called “Brandon Brown y su perro.”   It is a story of a young boy who wants a dog for his birthday but his family thinks it’s too much responsibility for a nine year old. Fifth grade is working on “las actividades diarias” (daily activities) including reviewing time and school activities.  Students will be creating a schedule and have conversations related to their “horario” (schedule). Sixth grade is creating their own Spanish city for their unit on “la cuidad” (city).  They are designing stores and using all of their vocabulary and knowledge to describe them.  The stores will be displayed on presentation boards around the classroom so that students can tour with their classmates to describe the stores and give directions to them in Spanish. Also, we will be “touring” a Spanish city using our new Google Expeditions goggles.