Support Services

  • The support staff at Lloyd Harbor School provides services to meet the specific needs of individual students.  Our staff works collaboratively with each other and with classroom teachers to help students experience success throughout the school year.  Our team includes:


    Ms. Lauryn Grefe, AIS Math
    Ms. Alyssa Nordstrom, AIS Reading                  
    Ms. Tara Fehrs, Teacher Assistant
    Ms. Randi Solis, Teacher Assistant

    Special Education

    Ms. ChrisAnn Burmeister 
    Ms. Carolyn Christ
    Ms. Ashley Danielski               
    Ms. Traci Mankuta


    Ms. Natasha Moore

    Speech and Language

    Ms. Rachel Schnurr
    Ms. Nancy Stein

    Occupational and Physical Therapy

    Ms. Pam Lawson
    Ms. Sue Taddonio

    Support Services 
    Ms. Eleanor Fuller, School Social Worker      
    Dr. Wendy Moss, School Psychologist