We are currently reviewing addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  We have also just completed our unit on Place Value.  For the next few weeks, students will be asked to study their multiplication facts at home for 10 minutes each night to help solidify their knowledge of multiplication facts. 

    The fourth grade math curriculum includes: 


    • Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing multi digit numbers, 
    • Understanding fractions, equivalence and ordering
    • Algebra - generating and analyzing patterns
    • Measurement- finding equivalence in units
    • Geometry- understanding angles, angle measurement, lines, angles and shapes
    • Understanding and comparing decimals 


    Reading and understanding word problems is a focus of all 4th grade math topics! 


    We will be distributing an “Additional Practice” workbook which stays at home.  Students will complete their HW, tear out the page and bring into school.