Homework Policy

  • Homework Policy

    Homework is assigned because it is an effective tool to help students take full advantage of their school experience. Homework extends the learning that occurs in the classroom, reinforces concepts, provides time for independent practice, and prepares students for upcoming lessons/activities. Homework teaches students to be responsible, and it helps them to develop positive work/study habits.

    Homework will normally be assigned Monday through Friday. Students are required to write the homework in the assignment book each day. Homework is also posted on the homework page of this website, but it should only be used as a last resort, to verify what is written in the assignment book, or when your child is absent.

    Students should give strong and careful effort to homework assignments. Homework should be neat and handed in on time. Students should try to complete homework on their own.

    If students have difficulty with an assignment, suggest that they carefully re-read the directions and then try to complete the work. Do feel free to assist, help, and teach to the extent that you feel comfortable. If you feel your third-grader did not understand the assignment, please write me a note so that I can review the work during class and/or examine the appropriateness of the assignment.