• English Language Arts

    Mrs. Conroy

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    The fifth grade reading curriculum is geared toward developing genre studies in which students read poetry, memoir, fiction, and nonfiction. Encouraged to read as writers, students will also learn how to analyze, evaluate, and appreciate literature and the writing connection. Discussions are directed toward a more critical analysis of authors’ styles, character analysis, and recognition of descriptive language. Many selections relate to social studies themes, problem solving, and peer relationships.


    The goal of the fifth grade writing curriculum is to enable students to communicate their ideas through written expression. The process includes students’:

    • modeling their writing practices after published authors
    • cultivating ideas that may be generated into a form of written expression (memoir, nonfiction, poetry, editorial, essay, expository, research paper)
    • writing about topics that are meaningful and important to them
    • exploring conventions, craft, and conferring
    • assessing their progress by conferring with the teacher

    It is expected that the fifth grade student understands that good writing is coherent, expressive, organized, and well crafted with attention to conventions.