Virtual Desktop

  • About the Cold Spring Harbor School District Virtual Desktop

    Started a paper at school and want to continue working on it at home? No problem! Just log into the CSH Virtual Desktop and open and save files as you normally would. You will be accessing the same document regardless of where you are…in school, at home, anywhere.

    When you log in to the CSH Virtual Desktop, you will be able to open and work with all of your school documents. You will even have access to all of the programs you use while at school. It's your desktop on the go!

    How to get started:

    • You will need an Internet connection, your own device (PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone or Droid) and a free app.
    • Ask a parent/guardian to help you.
    • Before you begin, click on this link: CSH Virtual Desktop Directions and print the pages which apply to your device:

                   - For Windows devices, print pages 2-16

                   - For IOS devices, (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), print pages 17-25

                   - For Mac OSX devices, print pages 26-36

                   - For Android devices, print pages 37-48

    Follow the instructions for your particular device.  The directions include a lot of pictures to show each step.

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