Star Student

  • Beginning at the end of November each child will be assigned a week to be the "Star Student".  By Monday of your child's week, please help them to fill out the sheet about them and pick out three to six pictures to share with the class such as baby, family pictures, pet pictures and favorite vacation spots are enjoyed by the children.  The children are creating and then sharing a visual report about themselves.  The purpose of "Star Student" is to get to know each of our class friends and to practice speaking in front of our class.  Please help your child to practice telling about the pictures and facts/stories about themselves at home with you!

     Throughout the week, your child will be given opportunities to share their pictures and stories with the class.  On Friday you and/or your family are invited to be a Guest Reader in our classroom.  Please choose a favorite book of your child's or perhaps one that is a childhood favorite of yours to share.  (Siblings and grandparents are welcome to be Guest Readers as well!) It is a fun time and a special time for your child.  We welcome your participation and support.